Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a manufacturing process used to densify metal and ceramic parts. It is based on applying high levels of pressure (up to 2000 bars / 200 MPa) and temperature (up to 2000 °C) through an inert atmosphere to mainly metallic and ceramic parts and components, in order to densify them and give them excellent mechanical properties. It brings numerous benefits such as the quality and high performance of the components, high fatigue life, design flexibility, cost reduction and minimization of environmental impact. Hiperbaric has a range of compact, versatile, efficient and 100% safe hot isostatic pressing equipment. Designed for maximum reliability and performance, our HIP presses reach pressures of up to 200 MPa and feature "Fast Cooling" technology, which enables rapid gas cooling, setting the desired microstructure in the parts and increasing productivity by also shortening the overall cycle time, which in turn reduces production costs. Hiperbaric designs and manufactures HIP presses that thanks to its Wire Winding technology and Fast Cooling technology are safe and high performing. Our “Fast Cooling” technology uses a series of technical improvements in HIP pressure vessel construction and hot-zone design to extract heat from the heat treated load at an evenly fast rate. This is possible thanks to a wire wound vessel. Furthermore a heat exchanger located at the top plug is also key in evacuating heat to the cooling system.

Range of Industrial Presses:

Hiperbaric 20 HIP:

  1. Versatile use and easy to install, is designed to cover small volumes of parts processed with HIP technology as well as R&D.

Hiperbaric 30-38-42 HIP:

  1. Designed for covering production volumes out of modern AM components manufacturers but also for commercial heat treaters that are looking for offering HIP process services to their customers.

Hiperbaric 67 HIP:

  1. This unit has been designed to cover large parts processed with HIP technology in a complete plug and play solution provided by Hiperbaric.

HIP equipment is reliable and meets the strictest technical requirements to manufacture critical components with maximum precision. Our HIP equipment is designed based on the principles of efficiency.

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PEER Energy is your specialist in connection with industrial and laboratory furnaces for thermal and thermochemical treatment of: metals, technical ceramics and emerging materials. We supply heat treatment solutions post 3D metal printing and post conventional machining. In close cooperation with you, we choose the proper equipment being the most efficient solution for your application. We support you by engineering the required furnace capacity, selecting the proper furnace size and customizing the complete heat treatment line. So that an ideal fit to your product dimensions, product material and material flow in your factory is realized. We supply optimized solutions meeting your process requirements.


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