Retorts, whether out of graphite, molybdenum or tungsten, serve to separate the batch from the heating chamber and can be employed for a number of reasons. For example, the process may make it necessary to separate the batch from the rest of the hot zone space in order to protect the furnace from the batch or the batch from the furnace materials. Pyrolysis processes can also make it necessary to set a defined gas feed so that no pyrolysis condensation is produced in the vacuum vessel.

We supply retorts to meet all construction sizes.


PEER Energy is your specialist in connection with industrial and laboratory furnaces for thermal and thermochemical treatment of: metals, technical ceramics and emerging materials. We supply heat treatment solutions post 3D metal printing and post conventional machining. In close cooperation with you, we choose the proper equipment being the most efficient solution for your application. We support you by engineering the required furnace capacity, selecting the proper furnace size and customizing the complete heat treatment line. So that an ideal fit to your product dimensions, product material and material flow in your factory is realized. We supply optimized solutions meeting your process requirements.


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