State of the art equipment for thermal processing of 3D printed parts and conventionally machined parts made from metals and technical ceramics.


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Heat Treatment Solutions for Metals and Ceramics

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

Densify metal and ceramic parts

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a manufacturing process used to densify metal and ceramic parts. It is based on applying high levels of pressure (up to 2000 bars / 200 MPa) and temperature (up to 2000 °C) through an inert atmosphere to mainly metallic and ceramic parts and components, in order to densify them and give them excellent mechanical properties.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Harden & Temper and Case Hardening Lines

Semi automated and fully automated atmosphere furnace heat treatment lines with an extremely short quench delay time

Case harden & tempering of small components made of low alloyed steels usually requires quenching in oil combined with a very short „quench delay time“ and enhanced quench power, in order to ensure uniform transformation into martensite throughout the workpiece. The SYSTEM 250 meets all of this requirements and is thus an ideal solution to harden and temper small components such as MIM parts and fasteners.

furnaces with oil quench, water quench, polymer quench and salt quench tanks

Solution treatment furnace

For solution annealing and water quench of 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, 316L, …

Post sintering, the mechanical properties of the above-mentioned metals generally do not yet meet the required properties of the application. To adjust the microstructure with respect to higher yield strength, the sintered components often have to undergo a solution annealing and water quenching process …

PEER Energy Solution Treatment Furnaces

Aluminium Heat Treatment Lines for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry

Furnace plants for solution annealing and aging of aluminum and titanium alloys

By fast quenching of aluminum alloys from solution treatment temperature to room temperature, alloying elements are kept in solid solution. The hardening effect arises after quenching by natural ageing or artificial ageing. Depending on the aluminum alloy used and its further processing, either T4 or T6 treatment or other treatments are preferred.

solution treatment furnace PEERENERGY

Puls-Plasma Nitriding Equipment with PlaSSteel-Technology

Nitriding furnaces and -processes for producing surfaces with excellent tribological properties

Nitriding the surface of stainless steel parts and at the same time retaining the parts’ corrosion resistance presents a major technical challenge to surface engineering and manufacturing companies. The PlaSSteel technology reconciles the dilemma and gives a solution for surface hardening of stainless steels at no loss of corrosion resistance.

Spark Plasma Sintering FAST/SPS equipment PEERENERGY
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