Hot Presses and Spark Plasma Sinter Technology

Components made for very harsh environments require very special processes to make them. With sintering equipment such as “Hot Presses” or “Spark Plasma Sintering Machines” components with high-end material properties required to meet demanding applications can become manufacture.

Typical material systems for Spark Plasma Sinter Technology:

Metals: W, Mo, Cr, Ru, Si, Cu, Cu (+W / Cr)
Intermetallics: TiAl, Ni3Al, PbTe, SmCo5
Carbides: WC, B4C, SiC, TiC, ZrC
Nitrides: AlN, TiN, Si3N4 (+TiN), hBN (+TiB2)
MMC / CMC: Al / Ti (+ SiC / Al2O3), Steel (+ TiC/N), Co / Cr / Pt (+ Oxides)
Cutting Tools: WC-Co/Ni/Steel (+cBN, +Diam.), Al2O3-Ti(C,N)
Armor materials: B4C, SiC, ZrB2, TiB2, Al2O3 (+CNT)
Transparent: Spinel, Al2O3,
Nano-structured Materials
Functional / Functionally Graded Materials („FGM“)


Example: Hot Presses for Production

  • 22500 kN
  • 2400 °C
  • Workpieces up to 300 mm diameter
  • Gas Ar / He / N2
  • Vacuum 10-2 mbar
  • Pyrometer- and TC-controlled
  • Cooling chamber
  • Loading device

Example: LAB -Spark Plasma Sintering Technique “FAST”

  • Pressing force 5 … 250 kN
  • Piston stroke 0 … 100 mm
  • Piston velocity 0 … 2 mm/s
  • Temperature RT … 2400 °C
  • Heating rate up to 1000 K/min
  • Gas pressure 5*10-3 … 1.100 mbar
  • Pulse voltage 0 … 8 V
  • Pulse current 0 … 8 kA
  • Power max. 60 kW
  • Pulse time 1 … 255 ms
  • Pause time 0 … 255 ms Servo hydraulik force control
  • Temperature measurement control can be chosen between axial/radial pyrometer or flexible thermocouples
  • Furnace gases Ar and/or N2 (others on request)
  • User friendly online process management system

Example: Hybrid Heated FAST/SPS Furnace

  • Pressing force 4000 kN
  • Heating power FAST 400 kW
  • Heating power induction 400 kW
  • Maximum workpiece diameter 450 mm

Application Examples:


We work with you to analyze your process and capacity requirements and plan for you the furnace solution that best meets your component property and geometry needs as well as your material production flow.


PEER Energy is your specialist in connection with industrial and laboratory furnaces for thermal and thermochemical treatment of: metals, technical ceramics and emerging materials. We supply heat treatment solutions post 3D metal printing and post conventional machining. In close cooperation with you, we choose the proper equipment being the most efficient solution for your application. We support you by engineering the required furnace capacity, selecting the proper furnace size and customizing the complete heat treatment line. So that an ideal fit to your product dimensions, product material and material flow in your factory is realized. We supply optimized solutions meeting your process requirements.


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